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Holly Harlayne Roberts

Holly Roberts, D.O., PhD has been a physician for over thirty years. She left the clinical practice of medicine to write and grow spiritually. Trained and certified as both an obstetrician-gynecologist and a pathologist, she witnessed the joys that new life brings, as well as the tragedies that misguided life choices carry. She grew to recognize that only through the practice of non-violence might humanity fully benefit from the gift of life entrusted to each of us. As an author, she hopes to share these teachings with others.

In her quest to understand the values motivating people in their life choices, Dr. Roberts embarked upon the study of world religion and philosophy. Obtaining her Masters in Theology and PhD in Asian Religion and Philosophy, she became better able to understand such values. Her books incorporate the genres of vegetarian nonviolence, Asian philosophy, and lessons of the Holocaust. Her books guide people to the realization that ultimately it is through life paths of non-violence, non-abundance, and merciful living, that humankind will be able to sustain the gift of life bequeathed to it.

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